Building A Custom Home With MILTON

Mar 06, 2012

When building a custom home, choosing the right team to help you through the process is imperative. We recently caught up with Lauren Zinzi, a current client, to get her take on building a custom home with MILTON.

How did you decide to work with MILTON over other builders? We moved here from Charleston, South Carolina and when we were moving, I was browsing the internet looking for rentals to get us by until we figured out what we were going to do once we were up here. I just happened to stumble upon their website. As soon as I saw it, I said to my husband, ‘These are the people that are building my house.’ It was our taste and our vibe – everything we really like in the look of a house. So my husband ended up calling Gina. She said ‘If you are in town, stop in.’ We weren’t even thinking about building yet. This was still so premature. We came in and met with her. She said, ‘Once you get settled here, let’s talk. We can drive around, tell us what you’re looking for, what kinds of roads you’re looking for.’ And we just kind of went from there. We did meet other buliders to get a taste of what else was out there. It just didn’t compare to MILTON – the way Nick and I connected with Ashley and Gina, the feeling we got, the trust we got. Even though I felt like I needed to go and look elsewhere to compare, it just wasn’t the same. My husband knew too. It was just about finding the right people and the right time. It just worked out. How is the building process going with MILTON and would you change anything? It’s going really great. There’s nothing I can honestly say that’s bad or that I can complain about. It’s gone very smoothly. Because of Marybeth and how she’s ahead of the game on things, we’re ahead of schedule. It’s good for me because I have a baby on the way and once the baby comes, I’d like everything to be picked out for the most part. Working with Marybeth has been amazing. She keeps you on your toes and she’ll say, ‘This is coming up so we need to decide on this, what do you think of this’… she’s great. There’s honestly nothing that I can say I would change. Building a custom home is a huge undertaking. What made you decide that custom is the way to go for you?  It is a huge undertaking. I can say it’s been different this time because of the team they have here. I didn’t have that last time when I built my house in Charleston. I had one woman who was sort of the designer but it doesn’t compare to this. I’m not doing all the work myself picking everything out. I have guidance and I have help here. When we moved up here and started looking at houses that were older and already built, we would think, it’s nice but we would still need to change this and the kitchen needed renovation and the bathroom needed renovation. By the time you did all that, we felt that we could build from scratch and have everything the way we want it. Now that we’re up here, it’s going to be for a while. I’m hoping that we’re going to be in this house until the kids are in college. Besides Marybeth, who has been helping you with all your selections? Would you say this process has been easy or difficult?  I would never call it difficult. I would say sometimes it can be challenging but it’s fun. I love this process. This is the fun part for me. Gina has helped a great deal. I feel I can easily go to her and say, ‘Should I do this or should I do that?’ and she’ll give me her honest opinion. Ashley has been been a great help too. I’d say the three of them have been the most help. Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview with Lauren Zinzi!

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