Choosing the Right Light: Illuminating Ideas for Shorter Days

Dec 04, 2012

As we approach the December 21 winter solstice and our daylight hours continue to get shorter, this is the time of year when the right light in our homes adds so much to our comfort and sense of well being. As with all aspects of home design, the quality of lighting really matters. From acting as an architectural accent to setting the tone for an entire room, the right ambience begins with the right fixture. In this month’s email, Milton Architect and Decorator Marybeth Woods shares some of her current favorites; below are a few more. Beautiful lighting lends depth and texture to an interior – think dynamic and dramatic or engaging and expressive; the goal is to create a sense of balance to complement the natural mood of a room. Today you’ll find plenty of options for every room in the house that do not compromise on design or functionality, especially important for rooms like the kitchen. In the living room, pick something you love and go for the wow factor with a statement chandelier that creates a strong visual focal point.

At Home Arkansas Image
Marybeth’s pick: Iron Beaded Chandelier by Arteriors Home

Consider giving your existing light fixtures a makeover with new bulbs. Different bulbs produce different lighting effects and tones, from clean whites to cool blues to warm yellows, so you can customize the feel and intensity to your taste. At Milton, we are strong believers in the power of dimmers – changing a simple on/off switch to a dimmer creates a sudden new range of options, literally putting light control at your fingertips. Use these in every room of the house! Then change things up at a moment’s notice – make it softer and sexier by dimming to lower, flattering soft shadows and you’ll save on energy too!

Marybeth’s pick: Teardrop Sconce by Robert Sonneman.

For another easy quick update, sometimes all a lamp needs is a new shade. Just don’t forget that lamps and shades are all about proportion – for best results, bring the old shade (and/or lamp!) with you when you shop to make sure the size of your new shade will continue to complement the design of the lamp.

Marybeth’s pick: Clear Glass Table Lamp by Currey & Company

What are your own favorite fixtures and lighting techniques? We’d love to hear from you. Wishing you all a light and bright holiday season!

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