A Guide to Designing Storage

Apr 02, 2018

Stuff . We all have it. Cleaning supplies, linens, holiday decorations, off-season clothing – the list goes on and on. Fortunately, some storage arrangements are better than others for keeping those items close at hand for when you need them, while artfully and strategically hiding it all. So, how is this mastery of storage design achieved? What should you keep in mind when building storage space into your custom home? Read on to find out:

What do you need quickly and/or frequently? – If there are items you use on a daily or weekly basis, it’s important to have quick access to them. Laundry rooms, as in the photo below, may benefit from simple shelves for the important stuff, with and cabinets underneath for the rest. Likewise, you’ll probably want quick access to emergency items like cleaning or first aid supplies.

Who needs what? –  If you have small children or plan to have a family one day, easy to reach shelves and hangers, like in the photo below, will help keep things easily accessible and organized for the little ones. Additional shelves can add more storage for items like accessories, umbrellas, bags, or hats.

How can you maximize your storage spaces? Be creative; you may be able to incorporate storage features into existing elements of your home. For example, the photo below features an island with a breakfast bar. The extrawide island allows for the ends to have two large cabinets and drawers that can help store items like extra baking supplies, place settings, or utensils in addition to the storage on the opposite side.

Stuff accumulates, especially when you have children. It’s as much a part of everyday life as misplacing your car keys. With proper storage design, you can mitigate its effects and feel more organized in your home.

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