Where does Milton Development draw its inspiration for outdoor living spaces?

Jul 01, 2017

The magic of a brilliant outdoor space can complete a home and bring it to life. Oftentimes when designing the perfect room or, in this case, the perfect outdoor living space, inspiration can be elusive. At Milton Development, inspiration for your outdoor oasis comes from a number of places.

First, we draw from foreign and exotic places where outdoor living is the norm. In many of these places, utility is as important as design. When function meets beauty, you have an outdoor space that you’ll have a hard time leaving. You may also develop an impulse to show it off to your friends.

Most importantly, we draw a lot of inspiration directly from our clients. Each family is different, which means they have a unique interaction with the outdoors. Some prefer a quiet place to read, others want a spacious outdoor dining space to entertain guests, or a cozy corner to congregate by a fire. Some just want to be able to throw epic pool parties, or walk to their backyard tennis courts for a quick weekend set. It’s important that we learn everything we can about a client so we can translate it into a one-of-a-kind plan that fits the client’s personality.

The interior of the home tells us a lot about the family, and inspires the perfect outdoor living space to compliment the rest of the home. If an outdoor living space is a part of your dream home, consider it one of the advantages of building a custom home. To learn more about building a custom home, or for general inquiries,  contact Milton Development at 203-613-8889 or fill out the form at miltondevelopment.com.

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