Research, Planning, and Patience: The Three Step Guide to Custom Home Building

Oct 03, 2018

If you’ve decided to build a custom home, you’re probably really excited. There’s a lot to think about, which can be fun, but you need to make sure you have your proverbial ducks in a row before you take the plunge. At Milton, we break the experience down into three main, easily digestible stages: Research, planning, and patience.

Researching may be the most fun part of this list. Doing your due diligence helps you communicate with your builder so they can give you the dream home you’ve always wanted at a price you’re comfortable with. Make a list of the things you absolutely need to have (and those you don’t), locations or specific parts of a city that work best for you and your family, and anything else that will allow your builder to accurately portray your vision. You’ll also want to find and connect with a builder and designer that match your style.
Read reviews, study completed projects, and, most importantly, set up a consultation with them.

When planning for your custom home, there’s more to think about than the construction itself. While the research process helped to fill up your Pinterest page with storage options, outdoor seating ideas, and a
beautiful kitchen inspiration, you’ll also need to think about things like timing, where you’ll stay while your home is being built, and setting a budget.

Patience may be the most overlooked and underestimated of the three stages. Try not to get too far ahead of yourself, mentally, during the research and planning phase – building a home takes time. Make sure
you’re asking the right questions so you fully understand the process and avoid surprises during construction. Even with a plan in place, one you spent precious time putting together, there’s no need to rush. Work with your builder to lay out a timeline that works for you and your family.

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