Custom Home Design: Getting the Most out of your Bedroom

May 06, 2018

Your bedroom is an important space. It is where you unwind, reflect, and refresh. And while the décor plays a role in a room, its design is a significant part of how a space feels and what you place there.

Here are some questions that can help kick start your bedroom design.

What do you want in your bedroom? –  Have you always wanted a fireplace? Large windows? Built in bookshelves or a desk? French doors that lead to a deck? The initial design phase is a great time to think about all the things you have dreamed of having in your room. From there, you can refine those ideas until you get your ideal space.

How do you want the room to flow? – Have you ever walked into a room and reached for where you thought the light switch should be only to find yourself feeling around on a bare wall? The flow of a room, from turning on the lights to where your closets are, makes a space feel natural. With that, you will want to consider a few things when designing your bedroom. The furniture you are going to put inside is fairly large (think beds, dressers) and, if it is a master bedroom, you will have an extra door to a bathroom in addition to a closet.  

What kind of storage works for your lifestyle? – If you are the active, adventure type, maybe you prefer to have your hiking clothes at arms length. Perhaps you are a fair-weather cyclist and do not mind storing those clothes somewhere else or amongst other, less used clothes. Do you prefer to fold your clothes or hang them up? Maybe you are all about shoes? Think about what you need on a daily basis and let that work its way into the design.

Where should the windows go and how many should you have? – Once you know where in your home the bedroom is, you can think about the type of privacy you prefer along with natural light, ventilation, and the view. If you love a nice view and a lot of nature light, look into building in a large walk-in closet. Cool summer nights offer great breezes – how can you get the best ventilation?

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